Welcome to DAO Capital!

Founded in 2020, our team consists of lawyers, marketers, influencers, developers and crypto veterans. Our mission is to provide support and strategy for blockchain startups with goals of disrupting and redefining digital solutions.

DAO Capital is not a VC firm, nor are we a tokenized pool. Rather, we are a private collective of crypto advocates that provide genuine value-added marketing and advisory services to cryptocurrency projects.

Code is the basis of blockchain innovation, yet the communities surrounding the networks are what give them value. Our commitment extends far beyond simple investing. Allow us to add value to your project by considering DAO Capital for your startup needs.


We provide initial capital injection, allowing the project to focus on fundamentals and development.


Assisting to bring your project to market with a focus on strong tokenomics, communication, and strategic marketing.


Increase exposure and build community engagement through our network of influencers, AMA groups, and social media channels.


With a strong focus on fundamentals, our long-term vision ensures sustainability, growth, and security for your project.

Our Portfolio